Serving Opportunity Details


  • Production - To utilise production elements such as Cameras, Computer Graphics, Lighting, Photography, and Sound to glorify God, support an atmosphere of worship, and allow His Word to be heard and understood clearly.

Skills & Abilities: A desire and willingness to learn relevant technical processes and how to operate production equipment. Ability to work in collaboration with and under direction of others. No prior production skills or experience necessary

  • Vocals - To minister through musical worship as a part of our weekend services and to model and encourage demonstrative praise.

Skills & Abilities: Good singing voice, ability to listen to and blend with other vocalists, willingness to lead others from the platform.

  • Band - To minister through our congregational worship as a part of our band in the areas of guitar, piano, synth, bass or drums

Skills & Abilities: Ability to play your chosen instrument with a level of high proficiency and a willingness to develop further. To be able to listen to and blend with other musicians and to learn specific parts to songs.