Serving Opportunity Details

Community Outreach

This is what happens when joining God @ work:

  • Gatehouse Team
    Gatehouse Birthday Parties: Most adults can fondly remember at least one birthday party that was thrown for them. We tend to take for granted that children have birthday celebrations, that someone in their life will buy or make them a cake, making sure they had a present to unwrap on their special day. Heartbreakingly the young women who visit Gatehouse haven’t experience that. By buying or baking cakes, cooking party food, providing, and setting up decorations and donating gifts the team you will be joining intentionally provide an atmosphere where the young women get the chance to be silly and carefree, at least for a few hours. Where they feel worthy of being celebrated.

  • Kids Hope Mentoring Program
    Kids Hope provides churches with the opportunity to partner with a local primary school by providing volunteer mentors to spend one hour per week with a vulnerable child who needs some extra care and support. Kids Hope is a proven program that provides social, emotional, and behavioural development to children in need through the power of one-to-one mentoring. CityLife Church Casey partners with Tulliallan Primary School in Clyde North where mentors see the same child each week for an hour. The hour is spent chatting with a specifically matched student, while playing board or card games, doing craft, building with Lego or creating with playdough and doing many other fun activities together.
    One hour a week, during school hours and school terms.
    Full training and ongoing support is provided, so no previous experience is needed.

  • Kids Biz Playgroups
    Kidz Bizz playgroups are run weekly by trained volunteer leaders from CityLife Church. We offer a unique, two-hour program that allows the children to learn through different play experiences. The activities are specifically designed to develop fine and gross motor skills and the children are encouraged to wear older clothes so they can be creative and make a mess! This is also a great space for parents to build friendships and have fun with their children. For the groups to run smoothly, parents and caregivers are expected to assist leaders by helping pack up activities and go on a duty roster. Parents and caregivers are also expected to be in attendance and always supervise their own children.
    Two hours a week, during school hours and school terms.
    Training provided
    Join an existing group or start a new group

  • Berwick Secondary Breakfast program
    The gospel portrays an image of Jesus sitting around many tables sharing meals with people, meals carry meaning. Meals provide a space for conversations, learning and relationships to occur. You are part of a missional meal movement. By providing a simple meal for the young people at Berwick secondary you are providing a space for stories to be told, and issues to be discussed. It is hard to image a simple meal can have such a direct impact on the young lives.
    You are part of a missional meal movement.
    Every Thursday
    8am start time