Serving Opportunity Details

Knox Church Services

  • Car Park Team
  • Welcome Team
  • Venue Manager
  • Connections Lounge

  • Car Park Team - Direct traffic into car park spaces and ensure a smooth flow of cars. Inspect car park during the meeting to provide a measure of security

Spiritual Gifts:  Helps or Hospitality an advantage, but open to all.

Skills & Abilities: Ability to give clear instructions, organised and reliable.

Commitment: One meeting per month from 35 minutes prior to the meeting rostered and after meeting as required. There may be other opportunities to serve throughout the year for special weekends and events.

  • Welcome Team - Welcoming people to church, helping them find seats and helping people to connect into community, including inviting them to the Connections Lounge

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Helps, Encouragement or Leadership is an advantage.

Skills & Abilities: Public relations, customer service, warm and outgoing. Able to give directions.

Commitment: One meeting per month 45 minutes prior to the service, and then approx. 5-10min after the service as required.

  • Venue Manager - Overseas the practical aspects for all of weekend services and events held by CityLife Church, connects with team leaders of other weekend teams and oversee the offering collection in the services.

Requirements: Leadership and Partnership of CityLife Church

Skills & Abilities:Give clear instructions, organised, recruit volunteers and reliable.

Commitment: 1 hour prior to 1st service until up to 1 hour after 2nd service. Venue Manager team meeting twice a year.

  • Connections Lounge - Welcome visitors as they come into the Connections Lounge, giving them Welcome Packs with CityLife information & encouraging them to fill out Visitor Cards. Chat over a cup of tea or coffee as you hear their story and pray with them if appropriate. Set up urns, cups, and refreshments prior to service start.

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, helps, encouragement, evangelism, leadership.

Skills & Abilities:Public relations, customer service, warm and outgoing.

Commitment: Once a month, for 10 minutes before and 30 minutes after the Service.