Serving Opportunity Details

CityLife Community Care

  • Skills Team
  • C.O.A.C.H Mentor Team
  • Community Support Team
  • Volunteers to Help with Foodbank Bus Market 
  • General Pantry Team
  • Welcome Friday Team
  • Kids Hope Mentor Team
  • Mummy & Me Mentor Team
  • Mums and Munchkins Group Team
  • Women Connect Group Team

  • Skills Team - An opportunity for you to connect with clients of CLCC in a very practical way. Using your gifts, skills, & experience, you will provide short term help to someone in the community who really needs your support. Walk alongside families and individuals in our local community, supplying encouragement, support, and guidance.

Spiritual Gifts: One or more of the following – Practical help, mercy, compassion, patience, encouragement, administration, hospitality, teaching, task focussed, or people focussed (depending on role).

Skills & Abilities: Friendly, respectful of other people’s beliefs and values, non-judgemental, welcoming, relate well to people.

Commitment: Do you want to make a difference? This program is flexible - you can provide support on a regular basis or get involved once or twice a year as needed.
List of skills needed:
  • completing form
  • computer skills
  • cooking
  • English conversation
  • gardening
  • hairdressing
  • handyman/woman
  • housework/home help
  • organising skills
  • resume preparation
  • sewing/knitting
  • shopping (with clients)
  • social connection
  • special events (set up/set down)
  • spiritual growth/bible study
  • transportation/taking clients to appointments

  • C.O.A.C.H Mentor Team - Provide one-to-one support to families or individuals who are doing it tough and needing support with reaching their life goals. Walking alongside families and individuals in need of encouragement, support and guidance.

Spiritual Gifts: patience, grace, hospitality, wisdom, encouragement, shepherding, discernment, mercy, administration, serving

Skills & Abilities: a driver’s license; good listening skills; non-judgemental; enjoy sharing life experience and sharing their wisdom while being respectful; have a heart for the disadvantaged

Commitment: Do you want to make a difference? Are you warm, personable and passionate about helping people grow and thrive, Do you love helping people reach their full potential? Are you available one to two hours a week? If you are interested in being a part of this exciting life-changing ministry, we would LOVE to hear from you!

  • Community Support Team - Support the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community, including those on income support payments, single parents, newly arrived, refugees, those with mental health challenges and family breakdown.
    • Interviewing people who need assistance with a range of issues
    • Advocating on behalf of clients where appropriate
    • Sourcing information via databases, the internet, directories, and pamphlets
    • Providing practical assistance by distributing food or food vouchers, filling out forms or referring and making appointments with other services
    • Record keeping, writing case notes and recording statistics

Spiritual Gifts: Enthusiastic, open to diversity, respectful of other people’s values, and willing to learn, consult, and find creative solutions.

Skills & Abilities: There is no pre-requisite qualification for undertaking this role but an initial interview, acceptance as a CLCC volunteer and completion of relevant training (approx. 50 hours in total) is required. Prior experience within the welfare, social work, counselling sector is highly favoured but not required.

Commitment: Volunteer on a rostered basis, Monday - Friday at times agreed upon between themselves and the Community Connect and Support Team Leader.

  • Volunteers to Help with Foodbank Bus Market – Once a month a large double bus from Foodbank attends CityLife Community Care to distribute fresh food and pantry items to clients in our community. Those who attend have the opportunity to walk through the bus to select items to take home.

          Spiritual Gifts: enthusiastic, willingness to learn, kindness, compassion and generosity

          Skills  & Abilities: Ability to stand and walk for lengths of time, interact with community members and clients, supporting people to cars with items as needed

          Commitment: Bus market runs once a month on a Tuesday from 11am – 1pm, volunteers required from 10:30am

  • General Pantry Team - Working in the client food pantry. Stock rotation, packing shelves, receiving orders, bagging bulk items, preparation of pantry food parcels for clients, distributing food parcels to clients, and general pantry operations as required.

Spiritual Gifts: enthusiastic, willingness to learn, kindness, compassion and generosity

Skills & Abilities: no pre-requisite qualification for undertaking this role, but an initial interview, acceptance as a CLCC volunteer and completion of relevant training is required.

Commitment: Volunteer on a rostered basis, Any day, Monday - Friday 10am-3pm (or part thereof). You can choose to volunteer each week or fortnightly.

  • Welcome Friday Team - Welcome Friday is an opportunity to connect with the clients of CLCC over morning tea and a cuppa. This is a drop-in style program where people can come for a chat and also choose from a variety of items that are supplied by our practical support program. Set up and pack down, connecting with clients over a cuppa, and referring clients to other services within CLCC if needed.

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, compassion, kindness, non-judgemental, encouragement, helps

Skills & Abilities: Good listening skills, non-judgemental, ability to develop rapport with people from diverse backgrounds, good conversationalist, easy-going, friendly.

Commitment: Available between 9am-12:30pm on a roster system. There is training as part of this role which is completed in-house and online and an initial interview.

  • Kids Hope Mentor Team - Provide one-to-one support and care to a child in a school environment for children experiencing vulnerability. Spend an hour with a child to love, care, listen, play, support, encourage and give hope to them.

Spiritual Gifts: faithful, encouragement, discernment, mercy, grace, patience

Skills & Abilities: good listener, love children and passionate about bringing out the potential in the child

Commitment: One hour per week during school term.

  • Mummy & Me Mentor Team - Designed to provide a network of support, mentoring and practical assistance for parents with children, aged from birth to 12 years, who are dealing with challenging situations. Visiting young mothers\parents in their home to offer practical and relational support.

Spiritual Gifts: serving, encouragement, mercy

Skills & Abilities: females who are passionate about supporting mums with young children

Commitment: A short-term program for 1-2 hours per week.

  • Mums and Munchkins Group Team – A supportive play-group environment designed to provide support to Mums and their children from birth to primary school age.  In this setting, Mums are able to have a cuppa and some time out to chat whilst their children can play in a fun and safe environment.

Spiritual Gifts: serving, encouragement, hospitality, mercy

Skills & Abilities: Females who are passionate about supporting mums with young children; ability to actively play with babies and toddlers

Commitment: Group runs on 1st and 3rd Thursdays during school term from 10-11:30am.  Volunteer support required from 9:30am-12:00pm.

  • Women Connect Group Team - Women Connect is a support program for women who are clients of CLCC. The group currently runs face to face fortnightly. The group encourages women to connect with new ideas, each other and themselves through discussion and activities. As a group volunteer leader, you would be involved in learning the content and delivering it to a group of women in a fun, non-judgemental and enthusiastic way, empowering the participants through information and choice. As a support volunteer, you will be supporting the group leader to deliver the program and connect with the participants.

Spiritual Gifts: kindness, patience, creativity, non-judgemental

Skills & Abilities: enthusiastic, open to diversity, respectful of other people’s values, and willing to learn, consult, and find creative solutions

Commitment: Available between 9:30am-12:30pm Tuesday, during school terms on a roster basis